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Tesla & Einstein

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A new political force in the Balkans.
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Nikola /Nicola/ Tesla (Serbian: Никола Тесла)

10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943


Albert Einstein

14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955


At the beginning of mature years (age 31), 1887th Tesla has reported its most important patent: alternating-current generator that produces alternating current.

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Tesla in 1891. was made and patentiraotransformator, which is known under the name "Tesla transformer, a power that it produces" Tesla coil ".

During the life joined the multitude of patents (and even 1500, and some consider him the most prolific scientist of all time), but none was as accepted as this. None of the later patent was not as successful as this.

Towards the end of life presented a own dynamic theory of gravity is a theory in which the mass of the result of vortex energy, as confirmed by recent research.

The world has acknowledged Tesla-inventor, but has not acknowledged the fact that he was a brilliant physicist.

In the age of 26 years (1905th). Einstein publishes Special Theory of Relativity, which replaced Newtonian notions of space in.

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Ten years later, published the general theory of relativity, which includes gravity. These two theories have brought him international fame and recognition of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century.

Usually it is thought that the Nobel Prize for the Theory of relativity, which is not true, he received the award for his work on quantum theory.

At the beginning of 1920-by Einstein began to loudly criticize the Copenhagen interpretation. His interpretation, which is called the Unified Field Theory is guided by faith in a single origin for the entire set of physical laws.
Einstein became increasingly isolated in his research in this generalized theory of gravitation and his efforts have remained unsuccessful in the final.

The relationship of energy and matter was the main cornerstone of disagreement in the theories of these two great scientists.
Tesla's dynamic theory explains the movement of objects in space, concept of spatial distortions, as opposed to Einstein theory of relativity E = mx c ².

Modern science has confirmed that both are equally right and left this issue unresolved, until further notice.

Wireless power transmission is patent that Tesla's most challenged.
Some believe that this is just a dream, and some that is not yet ripe to comprehend the ingenious concept of the great scientists.

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It is similar with the Rays of death was one of Tesla's discoveries and patents, which no one has figured out or accepted.

Over the years, Einstein is partly removed from its original idea and is trying to create a comprehensive theory of the universe, with the intention to unify and simplify the basic physical laws, especially laws of gravity and electromagnetism.

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Einstein became increasingly isolated in his research in this generalized theory of gravitation and his efforts have remained unsuccessful in the final. His quest for the unification of fundamental forces is most scientists ignored or even rejected as unscientific theories.

Tesla's Death ray and Einstein's sentence God does not play dice, have become part of the world and Hollywood culture and subculture, so that the real authors of the forgotten.

And in what appears to all the concepts and it is better not to know who are the creators of these ideas.

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Citizens of the World
Were born, educated, lived and worked and died in different countries.
Now, they all claimed, but when they were alive it was not quite so.
World Citizen
Tesla Time Time-E

Fashion trends

Both were potnati as people who have kept up her appearance and pose. According to current criteria could be considered a celebrity, which is somewhat dictated by the fashion and fashion trends.

Tesla is nurtured and demonstrated the seriousness and timeliness.

Einstein showed ruffled untamed genius and reckless scientists.


Who needs socks?
When he was younger Einstein noted that his big toe a real hole in the sock, and has since ceased to wear socks. In addition, he refused to dress appropriately for anyone, including the important heads of state

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The usual stereotypes: a serious and lonely Tesla
Smile e
The usual stereotypes: the mood and smiling Einstein
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combed and trimmed Nicola
unstill e
disheveled Albert



Both were active advocates and proponents of peace, nonviolence, and opponents of totalitarian regimes and Nazism.


Both of them were vegetarians.

"Our task must be to free ourselves . . . by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
"   ...Einstein

 "It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, and I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the established barbarous habit."    ...Tesla


They died alone
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lonely and forgotten in old age

Tesla died in Hotel New Yorker. In the early morning of 8th January 1943rd maid Alice Monaghan, ignored the message to the Plate to go and opened the room. Nikola Tesla was lying dead in his bed, his body seemed quite relaxed and calm. Coroner Dr HW Wembley examined the body and as the time of death entered the seventh January 1943rd year at 22:30 hours. The cause of death is enrolled - cardiac thrombosis.

He was buried with state honors in New York. More than 2000 people attended the funeral, including several Nobel Prize winners. Tesla was cremated and his ashes stored inside the golden sphere, because the ball was his favorite geometric body.
Later, the urn with his remains transferred in Yugoslavia, together with some of his papers, and now keeps in the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade.

Einstein died at 1:15 after midnight in a hospital in Prinston Princeton, New Jersey, 18 April, 1955., in his 76th age.
The only person present at the time of his death was a nurse, who said that just before his death he mumbled several words in nemačkom that she did not understand. He was cremated without ceremony on the same day he died at Trenton, New Jersey, which was in accordance with his wishes.

His ashes were scattered in the open.



Among the many things that are called by the name of Tesla:
- unit of magnetic induction field is called the Tesla
- Asteroids - small planets between Mars and Jupiter
- A crater on the Moon
- Factories and scientific institutes in Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, USA

- Airport in Belgrade Airport named "Nikola Tesla"

- Nicola Tesla Award in Recognition for Visionary /film awards/

Among the many things that are called by the name of Einstein:
- unit used in photochemistry, "Einstein"
- The chemical element with the number 99, Einsteinium
- The asteroid 2001 Einstein
- Albert Einstein Award
- Albert Einstein Peace Prize

- Almost all the schools he attended, the University where he taught, and Institutes in which he explored carry in addition to Einstein's name

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