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 Wuhan through the ages and centuries  

The Chinese nation was born

The legendary creator of the nation Emperor Yan was born in Suizhou of Hubei

about 3000 BC

The Chinese nation has called themselves the descendants of Emperor Yan (Shennong) and Emperor Huang for more than 5.000 years.

2200 BC central China, even the Wuhan area, is ruled by the Xia dynasty

The Xia dynasty was inherited by the Shang dynasty

2200 BC-1500BC

The Pre-historic China i.e. before 1600 BC which is mainly charted by legends and pre-historic evidence.

There are archeological settlements in the Bronze Age in the Wuchang area

Recorded Erligang culture

1500 BC

Panlongcheng, an archaeological site associated with the Erligang culture, is located in modern-day Huangpi District.
During the Western Zhou, the E state controlled the present-day Wuchang area south of the Yangtze River.

The area of Wuhan and Huabei Province belongs to Chu State

A popular unofficial name for Hubei Province is Chu ((), which comes from the name of the first once powerful state of Chu

from about 740 to 223 BC

At the end of the Warring States period it was destroyed by the Qin in 223 BCE during the Qin's wars of unification.

“Why don’t I make cakes with fish meat?”

Fish Cake is a famous traditional dish in Hubei

770-476 BC

Fish Cake is a famous traditional dish in Hubei. Legend accounts that this dish originated in the state of Chu during the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 B.C.)

Lao Tzu born in Chujen village, state of Chu

Taoist myths state that Laozi was conceived when his mother gazed upon a falling star.

from the 6th to the 4th century BC

As a religious figure, he is worshipped under the name "Supreme Old Lord" and as one of the "Three Pure Ones". During the Tang dynasty, he was granted the title "Supremely Mysterious and Primordial Emperor"

Tomb Yi of Zeng end of the thousand-year-long period

Zenghouyi Bells and more than 15,000 artifacts were unearthed

433 BC

Tomb Yi of Zeng end of the thousand-year-long period of the burial in elite tombs.

The Battle of the Red Cliff attributed to the Age of the Three Kingdoms

An attempt to unite the Han dynasty failed


One of the most famous battles in Chinese history and a central event in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms—the Battle of Red Cliffs—took place in the vicinity of the cliffs near Wuhan.

The Battle of Jiangxia between Sun Quan and Liu Biao's general Huang Zhong

The last in a series of military conflicts ended in the victory of Sun Quan


The Battle of Jiangxia was a battle fought between the warlords Sun Quan and Liu Biao in 208 in the late Eastern Han dynasty.

Wuchang was established in the early years of the Three Kingdom Period.

Old Wuchang had advanced handicraft industries.


Around that time, walls were built to protect Hanyang (AD 206) and Wuchang (AD 223).

Wuchang is and was not the capital of the Wu kingdom

The capital of the Wu nio empire was in Ezhou, which in ancient times was called Wuchang.


There are two cities named Wuchang: the present one is Wuchang district of Wuhan city, and Ezhou city was also named Wuchang in ancient time.

Formed Empire Eastern Wu independent of the Han dynasty

General Sun Quan proclaimed himself emperor


Quan declared 222 himself Emperor of his domains.

Erected "Yellow Crane" one of the four great towers of China

Sveto mjesto taoizma smatra se začetkom Wuhana


After the Battle of the Red Cliffs, fortifications and walls were erected for protection, first at Hanyang and then at Wuchang.

Prancing Dragon General Wang Ju conquered East Wu

The last emperor Wu Sun Hao surrendered


In 279, Wang Jun wrote a memorial to Emperor Wu, requesting that he order a military campaign against Eastern Wu.

The period civil war and political chaos of 16 kingdoms and The Five Barbarians

The flourishing of culture and the arrival of Buddhism and Taoism

386 to 589

Though an age of civil war and political chaos, it was also a time of flourishing arts and culture, advancement in technology, and the spread of Mahayana Buddhism and Daoism.

Erected Baotong Chan Buddhist Temple originally known as Dongshan Temple

It is one of the "Four Buddhist Temples" in Wuhan

around the 5th century

Dongshan Temple is a Buddhist temple located on the south hillside of Mount Hong, in Wuchang District of Wuhan.

Wuying Pagoda Oldest architectural feature in Wuhan.

built in the time of Emperor Yuan of Liang as part of the Jin'an Temple

beginning of the VI century

The origin of Wuying Pagoda stretches back to the later part reign of Emperor Yuan of Liang (508 – 555) as part of the Jin'an Temple.

Temple Sizu (fourth ancestral) has a unique structure and style

Temple, also known as Zhengjue Temple and Shuangfeng Temple


This temple has a unique structure and style that attracts the Buddhist followers and travellers to its doorsteps like other temples.

Hanyang was named under the Sui dynasty .

Yang (the opposite of Yin) denotes a place south of a mountain

606 CE

The name "Hanyang" means "the Yang side of Han River", referring to the town's historic location on the north ("yang") bank of the Han River mouth.

Yingshan Smooth Pork The emperor Li Shimin shouted: “Smooth pork! ”

Master Zhan, a chef from Yingshan County, prepared a plate of pork


Hubei cuisine has more than two thousands years history. The dish name and style can be found in famous literature work Chuci done by Qu Yuan (c.340 – 278 BC), the Father Of Chinese Poetry

The name Hankou appears in a Tang Dynasty poem by Liu Changqing

it is one of the four major national markets in Ming dynasty.


The city's name literally means "Mouth of the Han", from its position at the confluence of the Han with the Yangtze River. The name appears in a Tang Dynasty poem by Liu Changqing.

Cui Hao writes a poem about the Yellow Crane Tower

The city became famous for poetry and art

the beginning of the VIII century AD

Cui Hao and his poem Yellow Crane Tower made it the most celebrated building in southern China.

Huang Chao captured and looted the city

During the Huang Chao Revolution, the city changed power several times


874. China is hit by a series of droughts and floods. The imperial government was unable to stop the famine, but its insistence on high taxes caused deep dissatisfaction among the people.

For producing celadon was first perfected in Song Dynasty

Jade has been prized since the Stone Age


The technique for producing celadon was first perfected in Song Dynasty China around 900 years ago.

Bi Sheng born about 970 is a native of Yingshan

Who Invented the Printing Press?

around 970

The Chinese consider Bi Sheng to be the inventor of the printing press before Gutenberg. Bi Sheng (about 970 - 1051) is a native of Yingshan, Hubei. He is the inventor of Movable-Type Printing, which is a great revolution in the history of printing

Under the Mongol rulers (Yuan dynasty)

Wuchang was promoted to the status of provincial capital


Built by Changchun Taoist Temple

The temple was built upwards on the hill slopes and have five layers

around 1300

The beautiful Changchun Taoist Temple is located near Wuhan City. It dates back to the Yuan Dynasty and then was reconstructed during the Ming period.

Yingshan Stewed Soup was also tasted during the Ming Dynasty.

the uncle of Zhu Yuanzhang saying: I am only fond of this dinner

between 1368 and 1398

The legend goes that, one year, the uncle of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, came to Hunan and Hubei for an inspection.

Built Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

the Great Buddha’s Hall, Depository of Buddhist texts, and the Hall of Arhats.


Guiyuan Buddhist temple is located in Hanyang District of Wuhan.

Hanyang becomes the second most important industrial center in China

The Han River and the Wuhan area are under British domination

beginning of the 19th century

Hanyang was a financial and merchants center, and when the British controlled it during the 1800s, it became the second biggest financial and merchant center in China after Shanghai.

Catholic missionary Jean Gabriel executed after torture

Saint Jean Gabriel: China’s first saint


Jean Gabriel was a missionary from France. Jean-Gabriel Perbore was executed on a cross in 1840 after being brutally tortured.

The Battle of Wuchang in time the Taiping Rebellion

The deadliest civil war you've never heard

January 12, 1853

Taiping Rebellion took an estimated 20 million lives. Taiping Rebellion, radical political and religious upheaval that was probably the most important event in China in the 19th century.

A long-running American operation also known as Yangpat began

Hankou was one of the Yangtze River ports patrolled by the US Navy


US Navy to keep the peace and maintain US interests in the area.

James Bruce High visits and tours the Wuhan area

British warships are inspecting

December 1858

In December 1858, James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, High Commissioner to China, led four warships up the Yangtze River in Wuhan to collect the information needed for opening the trading port in Wuhan.

Wuhan becomes one of 11 Chinese cities open for trade with the West

The Tiananmen Treaties and the Beijing Convention determine which cities have become duty-free zones and ports


"Second Opium War" refers to one of the British strategic objectives: legalizing the opium trade, expanding trade, opening all of China to British merchants, and exempting foreign imports from internal transit duties.

Built Gude Buddhist Temple

Temple has been built according to the Alantuo Temple in Myanmar


Gude Temple was built in the 3rd year of Emperor Guangxi (1877) of the Qing Dynasty . It is said that the Gude Temple has been built according to the Alantuo Temple in Myanmar.

Administration and reforms of Zhang Zhidong

Ti-yong ideal Chinese learning as the basis, Western learning for application


The time of the ti-yong principle of " Chinese learning as the basis, Western learning for application "

Li Siguang also known as J. S. Lee born in in Huanggang

Chinese geologist and politician


Li Siguang (1889-1971), a geologist and founder of geological mechanics, was born in Huanggang,

Is founded Hanyang Arsenal

It was one of the largest and oldest modern arsenals in Chinese history.


Originally known as the Hubei Arsenal, it was founded in 1891 by Qing official Zhang Zhidong. It cost about 250,000 pounds sterling and was built in 4 years.

American newspaper writes about Wuhan as " the Chicago of China."

Later, the name was often used to describe Wuhan.


In 1900, American magazine Collier's published an article about the Yangtze "boom town" of Wuhan, calling it "the Chicago of China." It was one of the first times -- if not the first -- the Chinese city had been given this moniker, and it stuck.

Groups of missionaries fleeing the Boxers sought refuge in Hanko

The flight is recorded in the book A Thousand Miles of Miracle in China

July 9, 1900,

Hankou was the destination on the escape route of groups of missionaries fleeing the Boxers in the Northern provinces around 1900.

Sun Yat-sen's followers launched the Wuchang Uprising

Wuhan is known as the birthplace of the Xinhai Revolution

October 10, 1911

On October 10, 1911, Sun Yat-sen's followers launched the Wuchang Uprising, which led to the collapse of the Qing dynasty, as well as the establishment of the Republic of China.

Tongxiang Gate Station is founded

It is the largest transportation center in Wuhan


Wuchang railway station founded as the Tongxiang Gate Station in 1916, the station was moved several times and settled in the current location on 1957.

Kuomintang forces (KMT) take control of Wuhan

Victory of KMT and Li Zongren over Quin dynasty forces commanded by Wu Peif


Li Zongren's first victories as a Nationalist general were in Hunan, where he defeated rival warlord Wu Peifu in two successive battles and captured the provincial capital, Wuhan, in 1926.

Wuhan was briefly the capital of China 7 under the left wing of KMT

National government led by Wang Jingwe moves its capital to Wuhan

from February 21 to August 19, 1927.

Wuhan coup: Coup attempt in Wuchang

Stalin sent a telegram to the Communists of Wuhan

15. 7 1927.

In June 1927, Stalin ( at that time President of the Soviet Union )sent a telegram to the Communists in Wuhan, calling for mobilisation of an army of workers and peasants.

A man named Bao Li accidentally knocked over some sesame oil atop noodles

Hot dry noodles, also known as reganmian, is a traditional dish of Wuhan

in the early 1930s

Breakfasts such as hot dry noodles are available from as early as 5 am, and usually appear at Wuhan's night markets as a late-night snack.

China floods or Yangtze–Huai River floods

The official report found 140,000 drowned and claims that "2 million people died during the flood

from June to August 1931

The 1931 China floods, or the 1931 Yangtze–Huai River floods, were a series of floods hitting major cities Wuhan, Nanjing and beyond, eventually culminated into a dyke breach along Lake Gaoyou on 26 August.

Try to defend Wuhan from Japanese invasions

Heavy casualties on both sides, as high as 1.2 million combined by some estimates.

15 June,until 22 October 1938

The Battle of Wuhan, popularly known to the Chinese as the Defense of Wuhan, and to the Japanese as the Capture of Wuhan, was a large-scale battle of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

An important logistical center, Hankou was heavily bombed

Part of Operation Matterhorn

in December 1944

An important logistical center, the city was heavily bombed in December 1944 by the US aircraft based in the Chengdu area as part of Operation Matterhorn.

Hankou was finally merged with Hanyang and Wuchang to become Wuhan

Wuhan consists of a conurbation of three adjacent former cities


In 1949 the government of the newly formed People’s Republic of China merged the three cities into the single entity of Wuhan.

Yangtze River floods

The number of dead from this flood and plague was estimated at around 33,000

From June to September 1954

Od juna do septembra 1954. godine, provincija Huabej je pretrpjela katastofalnu poplavu rijeke Jangce.

The First Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan becomes the main traffic center of the nine surrounding provinces

October 25, 1955

On October 25, 1955, construction began on the bridge proper. The same day in 1957, the whole project was completed and an opening-to-traffic ceremony was held on October 15.

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport was opened

The airport is located in Wuhan’s suburban Huangpi District

15 April 1995

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (IATA: WUH, ICAO: ZHHH) serves Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province, People’s Republic of China.

Chairman Mao’s historic swim

a profoundly significant event in modern Chinese history

July 16,1966.

Chairman Mao’s historic swim – glorified in China but ridiculed by the rest of the world.“The water of the river seemed to be smiling that day,” reported the official Chinese news agency.

The Wuhan incident, 'July 20th Incident'

First time military leaders refused to carry out orders given by the central authorities

20. jula 1967

The Wuhan incident ( lit.: 'July 20th Incident') was an armed conflict in the People's Republic of China between two hostile groups at the height of the Cultural Revolution.

Xinxing Heavy Industry Hubei 3611 Mechanical Co., Ltd was founded

Product structure is mainly based on military products

in 1968

Product structure is mainly based on military, foreign trade products, domestic auto parts,we called it "three-three system" structure.

Fu Mingxia born in Wuhanis is multiple Olympic gold medalist and world champion.

She won the platform-diving at the age of 12, making her the youngest diving champ of all time.

August 16, 1978

Li Na born in Wuhan

The first Asian player to win a Grand Slam.

26 February 1982

Li se povukla iz profesionalnog tenisa 19. 9. 2014., u 32-goj godini 2019. godine uvrštena je u Tenisku dvoranu Slavnih, i tako postala prva igračica azijskog porijekla koja je zaslužila tu čast.

Established Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone,

colloquially known as “China Optics Valley”


In 2018, the output value of Wuhan’s high-tech industry exceeded 1 trillion yuan with the added value of the local high-tech industry exceeding 300 billion yuan, accounting for 20.6% of the city’s GDP.

The aircraft eventually crashed on the banks of Han River in Hanyang District

Fatalities 49 (7 on the groud)

June 22, 2000

On June 22, 2000, a Wuhan Airlines flight from Enshi to Wuhan was forced to circle for 30 minutes due to thunderstorms.

XMC leading 300MM semiconductor manufacturing company founded in Wuhan

XMC is a recognized leader in NOR Flash memory production


Wuhan Metro's first commercial property topped out in Hanxi 1st Road station.

Metro Line 1 phase 2 entered revenue service from Dijiao to Dongwu Boulevard.

On July 29, 2010

The Line 2 of Wuhan Metro the first underground metro line crossing the Yangtze River. This line has started run on September 25, 2012

"Hanunyi" became an instant internet hero of the Chinese blogosphere

Angry Shoes at Wuhan University on Social Network

May 19, 2011

Police in China say they are seeking a man who allegedly threw an egg and shoes at the designer of the country's Great Firewall of web controls.

Shanghai–Wuhan–Chengdu high-speed rail

Connect Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei and Wuhan

July 1, 2014

The Shanghai–Wuhan–Chengdu railway is one of the four east–west high-speed rail corridors outlined in China's national high-speed rail plan.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology opened mainland China's first biosafety level 4

The institute has been the subject of multiple conspiracy theories


The Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences is a research institute on virology administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Great floods in China especially in the Yangtze and Wuhan area

At least 14 city residents were killed and more than 80,000 were relocated

2 July 2016

During the late spring and early summer, a semi-permanent frontal boundary—called the meiyu front—emerges across eastern China and Japan.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, visited Wuhan

Among the deals to be signed s are estimated to be worth £550 million.

January 31, 2018,

She took pictures at the Yellow Crane Tower and on the Wuchang District side.

Open Modern Industrial Museum of Zhang ZhiDong

Due to its contribution to the development of the city, the museum is named Zhang ZhiDong

in May 2018

Wuhan Center is the tallest building in Wuhan, as well as in Central China.

It is also the first building that reached 400 meters

March 1, 2019

With 137 buildings with a height more than 150 m (492 ft), Wuhan ranks the 5th best skyline city of China and 8th in the world

The Military World Games were held in Wuhan

It was later commented on “We are all sick”

from 18. to 27.10. 2019th

The COVID-19 pandemic began in Wuhan.

Since then, Wuhan has had an infamous reputation around the world.

in November or December 2019

It could be said with confidence and certainty that there were mistakes in the search for an answer to, as it will turn out later, the pandemic. Given the nature and news that the kovid 19 virus brought, it would be a miracle if there were no mistakes.

It went five days without reporting new, local cases.

China is winning its “people’s war” against the coronavirus.

March 25, 2020

But Wuhan’s near-zero count is being called into question by independent reporting and received with suspicion from experts.

Wuhan ordered all its 11 million residents to be tested for the coronavirus

after 6 new cases were found, ending the city's 35-day streak of no new infections

May 12, 2020

Wuhan lockdown lifted

'Liberation' as Wuhan's coronavirus lockdown ends after 76 days

April 8, 2020

At midnight on Wednesday, authorities allowed residents to leave the city for the first time since 23 January when 11 million people were put under lockdown to contain the quickly spreading coronavirus.

Today is 2024/07/19