A little fun and a couple of movies from Wuhan and the surrounding area

As in Wuhan and the rest of the world sings Bella Ciao

Listen to the Chinese version with a Balkan background,, the street version and the children’s show version.
Listen and make sure the Chinese language is very sung and musical.

Bianzhong of Marquis Yi of Zeng Song 5

Listen to the bells from the tomb of the Marquis of Yi.
Even today, after 2,400 years, concert events are held there.

A bit of strong and original punk from Wuhan.

1. Punk anthem Wuhan, SMZB: "Wuhan, Wuhan"

Live SMZB in Wuhan in a punk bar owned by Wu Wei SMZB frontman.
Wu Weia a Chinese rebel with or without a reason.
See and feel the original atmosphere of young Chinese rebels, a song dedicated to Wuhan Prison ... .

2. The Chinese Are Coming (中国人来了)

A revolutionary and fierce punk parody of revolutionary marches.
God Save the Queen the Chinese way; with English subtitle.
Another cult song by SMZB and Wu Wei.

Last update February 2021.