What everyone knows about Wuhan:

Zenghouyi bells

433 BC
The tomb of the Marquis Yi Zeng is a pearl of world history, in addition to bells, more than 15,000 artifacts, art and craft exhibits have been found in it.

Battle of the Red Cliffs

208 AD
One of the most famous battles in Chinese history and the main theme romantically described from the time of the Three Kingdoms, took place near Wuhan.
Today, re-popularized through a series of video games and movies.

The Yellow Crane Tower was built

223 AD
One of the four "Big towers" in China. The beauty and unusualness, and especially the song, by the famous poet Cui Hao from the eighth century, about the Yellow Tower (Yellow Crane Tower) made this building one of the most famous in China in general.

Sun Yat Sen raises an Uprising in Wuchang

in October 1911.
"Father of the Nation" laid the foundations of modern China in Wuchang,
The uprising and revolution ended with the collapse of the last Chinese empire and the creation of the Republic of China.

Chef Bao Li topped the noodles with sesame oil and made Regnmian Hot dry noodles

early 1930s
Although Yingshan Stewed Soup has a recipe was written as far back as 1368, Yingshan Pork with Sauce from as far back as 627 and Jingzhou Fish Cake (YuGao) from the 7th century BC; Wuhan is recognized in the culinary world for its Hot dry noodles.

Defense of Wuhan

from 15 6. to 22.10. 1938
Battle of Wuhan or the Wuchang–Hankou campaign is biggest Chinese-Japanese battle in World War II, in which 1.2 million people were killed.
After four months of determined defense, the decimated Chinese army was forced to withdraw, but it gave time for the rest of the Chinese army forces to regroup and continue fighting and defending China.

Wuhan was born

in August 1947.
Immediately after the proclamation of People's Republic of China, the Government has merged the three cities into a single entity. With the unification of Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang, Wuhan is created.
Today, Wuhan is a city of about 11 million people and the capital of Hubei Province with a population of over 60 million.

President Mao Zedong demonstrates his swimming skills

The most popular media event in Mao's China, which celebrated the health and strength of its leader: "The water seemed to be smiling that day"

The first cases of Covid 19 coronavirus were registered in Wuhan

In October (or November, or earlier) in 2019
Since then, Wuhan has had a bad reputation around the world.

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